My take on the current employment status in the USA

A Nation’s prosperity is judged by GDP and its people in workforce. The current scenario is looking upbeat for the USA, with its rate of unemployment lower than the previous year.

Job creation and unemployment are two sides of the same coin. They are affected by factors such as

  • Economic conditions and sanctions,
  • Education
  • Worldwide competition
  • Demographics
  • Laws of nature
  • Industrial practices and Automation

These factors can affect the number of workers, the duration of work, and monetary compensation offered. Government spending and policies and lending rate adjustments are an effective tool in controlling the unemployment rate. The major political parties main agenda will always include furthering employment prospects and lowering inflation.

For instance; for working in California a set of rules have to be followed like having a valid proof of identity and driving license. For immigrant workers the situation might be compounded, as few companies enforce the policy of employing only green card holders. This being said, California is considered one of the most employee friendly states.

More information can be procured from the office of labor laws and requlations(  This explains the labor laws in California and can address issues with regards to

  • Employment Status
  • Wages
  • Duration of work
  • Working condition

The California Equal Pay act prohibits discrimination amongst sexes, race and ensure equal pay to all and is based on the quality of work.

The current job market is looking up-beat with a bull run in the stock market, which are funding many more job opportunities and ideas. The current administration’s outlook of allowing immigrants only on Merit based will in turn make for a richer talent pool. This will further the country’s interests and will mutually gain prosperity from it.