Thursday, July 24, 2014
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  • Where to invest in property in Germany
  • Qatar demand drives record prices
  • Spanish recovery leading from the West
  • Waiting game in Thai property
  • Dubai still growing, but pace is slowing
  • Winnipeg is an inside tip for investors
  • Are we facing a Chinese currency crisis?
  • Four walls and 40 square feet
  • Blue skies thinking for Heathrow City
  • Most Russians buy overseas property for leisure, says survey
  • Robert Pattinson trebles US home average but Katy Perry loses 27%
  • UAE property values rise up to 36.5% a year with ‘some projects selling out in hours’
  • First Miami New Construction Show includes trade day
  • Germany accidentally gives developers a 6% gift
  • Dubai developers ‘should bring back rent-to-own’
  • Singapore sales slump set to continue, agents warn
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